MagneticArt Magnets
  • MagneticArt has taken an ordinary item and made it great! We have elevated the refrigerator magnet to a lovely gift item.

  • Our items are small framed pieces of art for many magnet friendly surfaces: a school locker, a filing cabinet, the refrigerator, etc.

  • MagneticArt magnets are photographic quality images framed in black metal. All magnets come with elegant sleeve packaging.

introducing our 4" x 6" magnet

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MagneticArt Displays
Magnet Point of Purchase Displays and Packages
NEW - Michael Godard
By the Sea
Edgar Degas
Claude Monet
Art Nouveau & Art Deco
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Paul Gauguin
Vincent Van Gogh
Poster Art
Opera and Shakespeare
American Art
Ansel Adams
Ancient Art
Old Masters
Home Décor–From the Garden
Home Décor–Fashion
Home Décor–Sybil Shane
Home Décor–Coffee
Home Décor–From the Bar
Home Décor–Ornamental
Animal Kingdom–Will Bullas
Animal Kingdom–Amanda Jones